Professional Experience

Passion has led to 10 years of hands-on, evolving experience with increasing responsibility as well as demonstrated leadership skills. In addition, I have a successful history of results-producing strategic initiatives spanning across the web, mobile and social spaces.

The combination of my approach, leadership, unique blend of technical and strategic skills has proven to be the perfect formula in increasing digital footprints and building online customer engagement.

Business Philosophy

I believe “obstacles have the sole purpose of being overcome”. If you can’t get through it, find a way to go around, over or under it until you make it to the other side.

Consumers drive their own brand experience. It is the age of the customer and it must be embraced, driven by technology and digital marketing. Although, there may sometimes be bumps in the road, anything is possible in digital.

Leadership Philosophy

I strongly believe in the difference between management and leadership in not only what I practice, but what I coach as well.

Being a successful digital marketing leader means more than building, mentoring and energizing top-performing teams…it means serving as a champion of excellence so that all team members buy into organizational initiatives.

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. Tell me more!