Business Philosophy


It is important that my work make an impact on digital programs and the customer journey, as well as brings value to the team and the overall business.  As is true in most environments, there are sure to be challenges – some requiring that I respond with decisive action and urgency; while others require a long-term, consistent approach.ccampbell_business_philosophy imageEither way, I believe my purpose is to overcome these hurdles by sustaining my commitment to customer excellence, following industry best practices as well as executing innovative and effective digital solutions. Obstacles have the sole purpose of being overcome.


ccampbell_business_philosophyAs the definition and channels of engagement continues to evolve, successful organizations must have resourceful leaders able to understand and anticipate the needs of the customer.  Today’s customers are bombarded with information and data in every facet of their lives – from brands contending for their attention to friends over-sharing every moment of their lives online. As a result, customers are increasingly distracted, only able to give seconds of their time to consume information.  In the age of the customer, brands must embrace digital technologies and strategies to consistently bring them more value.


I approach the digital transformation as a growing opportunity, not a threat.


An effective Digital Marketing Strategist must navigate that reality to achieve business goals through a balance of strategic leadership experience, innovative vision and expertise orchestrating digital programs that produce results…precisely what I offer.